Terms and conditions

Travel-Flat owned by ADD Ltd, is a platform that conveys apartments, houses and property between tenants and landlords. We are a corporation that is a middleman between the person who wants to rent out his home and the person who want to rent a house/flat/property. We do not own any of the homes on our platform, the properties are always owned by the landlords. The Security Department do their best every day to maintain a safe environment, for landlords who want to rent out their homes through travel-flat.com and tenants who want to rent an accommodation.

Travel-Fltas,com’s Terms and Conditions:                                                                                                Below is an excerpt of Travel-Fltas,com’s most important terms.                                                                 You can find our full terms at the bottom of this page.

  1. A) We reserve the right to respond within 24 hours in case of technical errors or price errors. When booking during the weekend and holidays, we have the opportunity to attend the next weekday. In cases where money has been debited card or bank account, it may take up to 3 banking days before the money is available on the account. Note that this is the bank’s rules and nothing we can influence.
  2. B) You should have been 18 years old to book a flat with Travel-Flat. By using Travel-Flat’s website, the buyer guarantees that he is 18 years old.

C)The person who booked the residence with his name and surname must have a certificate as a valid passport, ID or driving license. To certify that he is the person who booked the accommodation to the landlord.

  1. D) All prices include taxes and VAT that the tenant pays.
  2. E) Tenants who cancel an accommodation 24 hours prior to check in, have the right to be refunded 100% of the total they paid the Travel-Flat for their reservation.
  3. F) Tenants who cancel an accommodation the same day have the right to be refunded 78% of the total they paid the Travel-Flat for their reservation.
  4. H) When a cancellation is made by the tenant of a residence, the reservation amount will be refunded to the tenant’s credit card or to your bank account between 1-2 weeks, dependent country and continent. Depending on when the cancellation is made, the amount will also differ.
  5. G) If any damage occurs in the residence during the tenant’s stay, Travel-Flat.com stands for the costs up to EUR 1 million to the landlord or landlords. In case of natural disaster, fires created by tenant or landlord or intentional destruction of the tenant in the dwelling, Travel-Flat, owned by ADD Ltd, does not cover any of the destruction.
  6. I) The tenant is responsible for being at the home address they rented via Tavel-flat.com at check in time, which is 14.00. If the tenant through Travel-Flat.com has agreed a different time with the landlord, then it is the time the parties have agreed. The landlord are not gonna get paid fromTravel-Flat.com before the tenant has checked-in, so it’s important to make a new appointment to meet up at the address with the host.
  7. J) If the home does not keep the standard that was promised in the announcement on Travel-Flat.com, the tenant has the right to rent a new home as a Travel-Flat pays the costs up to 5,000 euros.
  8. K) If the apartment’s kitchen, toilet or shower is not working, the tenant is entitled to change semster housing, 100% of the booking costs will be refunded to the tenant. Addition to this, Travel-Flat pay the new property cost up to 5,000 euros.
  9. L) If the tenant does not cancel the accommodation, no payment will be made for the reservation to the tenant.
  10. M) The landlord has the right to cancel the renting out their homes to the tenant a week before check-in.
  11. N) If the tenant has been notified by the landlord that parties, smoking indoors or pets are forbidden and do not comply with these rules. Then the tenant risk to become expelled from the residence. In such an event, Travel-Flat.com has no responsibility to the tenant.
  12. O) Travel-Flat.com is responsible for sending a booking confirmation by email within (latest) within 24 hours to the tenant.
  13. P) Tenants can not regret a reservation on an accommodation that has a discount of 40% or more.
  14. Q) The landlord or Travel-Flat is not responsible for illegal acts that take place in the residence of the tenant or the landlord.

R)The credit card you use to make a reservation of a property through Travel-Flat.com must always be your credit card. If you used another credit card from the name of the reservation, then this may be considered a fraud.

  1. S) In fraud, money laundering or anything that goes against the law, a police report will be made from ADD Ltd.
  2. T) We reserve the right to change terms of purchase at any time, so please check our terms of purchase on a regular basis.

For questions or concerns about the terms of purchase, email support@travel-flat.com