Frequently asked questions tenants

Cancellation 24 hours before check-in will be refunded 100% of the amount you paid. If you cancel the same day as your check-in, 78% of the amount will be refunded.

When a tenant books an accommodation, Travel-Flat.com informs the landlord that a booking has been made. In the information the landlord receives, it says the date, time and name.

Check-in is always at 14:00 on the accommodations at Travel-Flat.com,

You can email support@travel-flat.com about which apartment it is, and we will return after talking with the landlord.

All landlords have an agreement to follow. In the agreement it includes meeting up tenants who book their accommodation throug Travel-Flat.com. If the landlord does not show up at the residence, the landlord will get a warning and be penalized with 1000 euros. Travel-Flat.com will pay for your new flat / house up to 5000 euros.

Write about your experience and the promises that the landlord did not hold to support@travel-flat. We will contact the landlord and find a solution for repayment for you. With us, the customer always has the right!

Yes absolutely. Email support@travel-flat.com for discounted prices (for longterm).

Yes, it is possible if the landlord or the real estate agent agrees. You never have anything to lose by asking, so email us already today!

No, there are no hidden fees.

Credit cards such as Mastercard, Mastercard Electron, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club, American Express and Bank Transfer.

If your credit card does not work, please email support@travel-flat.com and we’ll help you as much as we can.

If you have any complaints, email support@travel-flat.com. We will return within a few hours, except weekends, it may take up to 8 hours.

We are unique especially when it comes to finding partners. Landlords we work with usually have their homes on sale on the market. When housing is on the market, it may take up to several months and sometimes years to sell them. During this time, landlords pay double rent, interest and loans. This has a negative impact on their finances. Travel-Flat.com eliminates the negative expenses and creates positive income.

We already have a clientele, a network and a working system. The only thing left for the landlords is to get paid and leave a key to the renters. Landlords are very happy to take lower prices up to  8%, to allow our support to take care of the entire rental process.

We always have homes that offer parking. If the home you wanna rent dont have a parking , maybe we can help you out. Send an email to support@travel-flat.com in which country, city and area you need a parking.

We work every day to offer our tenants apartments around the world. Unfortunately, travel-flat.com does not offer apartments around the world. We are working really hard to achieve this goal.

No, you are not personally insured with us, but the apartment you rent through us is.

If the accommodation does not work properly during your stay, you can immediately move to a hotel or to another short-term apartment. We will pay up to 5000 euros for the new residence. The sum you paid to Travel-Flat.com for the apartment, which does not have an example not a functioning shower or the total, will be 100% refunded to your credit card within 1-3 days. Most important of all is to inform support@travel-flat.com about the matter. We will help you step by step how it will proceed.

Should the apartment’s Wifi not work, the landlord will receive a warning if he promised that the accommodation will have it. Travel-Flat.com will pay you 100 euros for the internet that you will use via your mobile phone.

Travel-Flat.com recommends Google maps, if you would not find a way of transport to your home via google maps, you are welcome to write to us at support@travel-flat.com. We will help you as much as we can.

We have thousands of tenants from all over the world who rent flat and houses through travel-flat.com every year. It is not possible to keep down costs, if we would have phone support. We are working on finding a solution to be able to offer the the same prices on flats with telephone support. We hope to find a solution soon.

We have a standard that all homes must meet in order for them to be advertised on our platform travel-flat.com. All homes must have at least one sleeping area and pillow, bed sheet and blanket for each person who can sleep in the residence.

If you dont can find your answer here, you are more than welcome to email support@travel-flat.com. We wish to hear from you soon!