Frequently asked questions landlords

If you want to rent your property through travel-flat.com, start by taking a few pictures of your apartment, write a description on the apartment and send us your address where the accommodation is located to support@travel-flat.com.

When Travel-Flat.com has reviewed your pictures, description and address. We will send a letter with a code, to the address of the residence you wish to rent out through us. Emailing us the code is one of the things you need to do, to put your home on our platform! On the letter it says which email address you should email the code, to get home the letter can take around a couple of days.

This is because we need to transfer your income. In addition, it is for security reasons. It must be the same person who rent out the residence as on the iban number.

Within Europe it takes up to 5 days, countries outside can take longer such as US, South America, Africa and China. If you have not received the money within 10 days, please contact support@travel-flat.com.

When it is season or high demand, we raise the price automatically and it is the reason for higher payout.

We never do that. We always ask and explain why you will reduce your prices per night.

Yes, of course you can. We recommend when you rent out your home for a long time, to lower your prices by 15%.

We take from 8% to 10% of your turnover. It depends on how much we need to work to create tenants for your accommodation or how much help your tenants want. But the highest fee is always 10% and no hidden fees.

You never pay anything, Travel-Flat.com will only be paid if we rent out your property.

Sometimes it can take two weeks before tenants start booking your property. But all landlords are at least guaranteed a turnover. Please send us an email regarding your case. We will see what we can do. Sometimes the description may be poorly formulated or photos taken from your home by you be poorly taken.

The reason we require proof of ownership of a home is to stop fraud, money laundering and to ensure our tenants that their stay will be safe.

If there are more than you who own the property, we need an approval of the remaining owners who own the residence, that you are permitted to rent the property through Travel-flat.com.

Travel-Flat.com provides apartments, real estate and houses between landlords and tenants. We have no responsibility if you need to pay taxes. We recommend that you call or email to the tax office in your country to see if you need to pay taxes on your earnings / turnover.

Yes, we only use Euro. We are working to be able to charge in several currencies and hope to offer it soon on Travel-Flat.com.

Sorry but it is unfortunately not possible today.

Always 5 days after the tenant has checked in. If the renter check-in on Monday at 2 pm, you will be paid on Friday afternoon.

You can rent out how many homes you want through travel-flat.com. But each residence you rent out, will go through the same security check.

The difference between us and our competitors is that we take care of all contact with tenants, we insure your home up to a million euros and we guarantee your minimum turnover.

Yes, if someone books your home or you get a good judgment, you get 10 points. Once you have 100 points, you get a free night on one of our accommodations at Travel-flat.com (regardless of price per night).

For every person you recruit to rent their property through us, you get a free night at one of our apartments we rent through Travel-flat.com (regardless of price per night).com.

Because we have small margins, it would be a loss for Travel-Flat.com to only rent out a room. We are working on offering several solutions for landlords shortly.

Landlords who rent their property through travel-flat.com are always insured (up to one million euros). You email us what broke down, some pictures and a receipt on the invetary. Within 24 days, you will be paid 100% of the value on your account. If you have any questions or concerns please email support@travel-flat.com

You will receive 8% of the cancellation value from Travel-Flat.com

Email: cancelrental@travel-flat.com, that you want to stop renting out your home. Please write your name, surname and which apartment you want to stop renting out through us. Travel-Flat.com will immediately stop advertising of your property once we have been notified.

There may be different reasons. Most often it is because the landlord does not meet the tenant upon check in, the apartment does not have what is stated on the description on our website or for other reasons we do not need to explain.

All landlords receive maximum one warning before we end a cooperation. Landlords have an agreement to hold, and if you as a landlord break that agreement, you will receive a warning. If you do not follow our agreement a second time, we will finish our cooperation. We are serious with  good service and create the best possible environment for all our users.

If you dont can find your answer here, you are more than welcome to email support@travel-flat.com. We wish to hear from you soon!