How do you become a landlord at Travel Flat

Every day, there are more landlords who choose to use, before our competitors. There are several good reasons to choose travel-Flat for a landlord, to rent out their homes. takes a charge of 8% -10% when a tenant booking landlord housing, against other competitors taking between 15% -20%. may lower rates 5% -7% because we take a small reservation fee. This in turn leads satisfied tenants, more bookings and a higher income for all parties.

After you have sent the information we require from you as a landlord, we take care of all contact with the tenants. You will receive an email from when a booking is made by a tenant. You have the opportunity to approve or deny it. If you accept the booking; You meet the tenant at 14.00 (always, unless otherwise agreed ), the date he booked the accommodation at the Flat/House. After the tenant confirms by email about the check-in, the rent is paid to the landlord’s registered bank account At Travel Flat.

Landlords are always insured with us for a million euros when something in your home is destroyed without intent. We do not insure the accommodation in case of natural disaster, fires created by landlord / tenant in the dwelling or intentionally created a rescue. Please email for more detailed information.

Best of all, if has advertised your property on our platform, we guarantee you a turnover of 5000 euros per year. What are you waiting for, email us today to create a collaboration.

What is required to advertise a property through

The first step is to send us pictures, the address of the accommodation and a short description of the home to be advertised to

Step two is that Travel-Flat makes an analysis if there is a demand for your accommodation on our platform. If Travel-Flat can guarantee you a turnover of 5000 euros per year, sends a code to the resident that will be rented out via us.

Step three is to email Travel-Flat the code to the mail address that is on the letter with the code, together with the rental agreement or with the ownership certificate to the residence.

Step Four publishes your residence and requires your Ibannummer. For security reasons, it is important that the Ibannumber is the same name as the rental agreement or the ownership certificate to the residence. The rent is usually paid out to the landlord within 5-10 business days after check-in,  depending on country or continent the bank is located.

If you have any questions or concerns please email