About Us

We have been active in providing vacation accommodation between landlords and tenants since 2006. The idea was made up of three friends at the University of Amsterdam in 2005, which over the years has grown into a successful company. We are very proud to help  thousands of tenants each year to find their dream holiday flat!

Our main purpose of our business has been to simplify the process, reduce the prices of the accommodation and create a safer environment  for both landlords and tenants. We take all responsibility for our landlords, like keeping in touch with tenants and giving the landlords a guarantee of one million euros, if any destruction would occur in their homes during the tenants’ stay.

Over the years, we have made it possible for landlords and estate agents to generate millions in income, by renting out their flats during the sales process

We have done it possible for both landlords and tenants to contact our support 24 hours during the day, all accommodations have 100% refundable guarantee up to 24 hours before check in and reduced prices for holiday flats around the world between 5% – 20%.

It has been incredibly popular with tenants, which have made hundreds of thousands of travelers choose Travel-Flat.com over the years.
Our goals end of the day, is to one day to offer vacation flats Worldwide, that our tenants and landlords will always get the best possible support and to always develop within the company for our users sake!

Choosing Travel-Flat.com eliminates the risk of a bad holiday. For questions or concerns, please send an email to support@travel-flat.com.