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100% refund 24 hours before check-in

When booking a property through Travel Flat, you are entitled to cancel your reservation 24 hours before check-in and will be refunded 100% of your reservation.

Have Access to Information

Get quick and good information before you arrive to your home! Thru Travel Flat you can see which restaurants and grocery stores are nearby and more.

View Over the Map

You can find the Home that you have reserved or will reserve on the map without leaving our website thanks to the Travel Flat system.

Comfort & Address

Take advantage of Travel Flat. See what the accommodation offers and exact address before you book it.

Technologic Comfort

Learn the technologic services that the Home you have reserved provides by using Travel Flat.

Information About the Home

Learn about the Home that you will be staying before you go, by using the feature bar that we provide.

Find the Right Home for You

It’s easy to find the right Home for your budget and demands through Travel Flat. Find your dream home for the holidays by a few clicks.

Searching by Location

By searching for Location, you can easily find which cities and in which areas we offer housing.


With 7/24 support system, Travel Flat provides you the ability to ask any questions any time.